Make sure you know how to dress the flower girl for your big day!

Your flower girl is an adorable part of the big day. Cute, innocent and really beautiful, you will want her to be amazingly well-dressed for your wedding too – but how do you do that? How do you dress a flower girl in the most beautiful of ways?

We have gathered some tips to inspire you on this – so read on and find out more.

• White. A pretty white dress is a very traditional choice for your flower girl – and it can definitely flatter her innocence and natural grace. To add a bit of uniqueness to her dress, choose a design that resembles your dress as a bride. It doesn’t have to look exactly the same – but it should have elements that look similar (e.g. the fabric, for example).
• Formal. If your flower girl is a bit older (somewhere in between being a flower girl and a junior bridesmaid), you can dress her in a very formal and elegant attire. However, do make sure the attire is suitable with that of the bridesmaids (and of everyone else at the wedding) and do make sure the flower girl can be comfortable in a more intricate dress.
• Color. Your flower girl doesn’t have to wear white (same as you don’t have to either). A dress that combines white and other colors or a fully-colored dress will look just as adorable on your youngest attendant and it will definitely make her feel really pretty – so if you have a certain color in mind, you can definitely go for it.

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