A Bridal Celebration

Congratulations to Today’s Bride in achieving this 30-year milestone!

In today’s ever-changing economic climate, to have survived 30 years is, in itself, an achievement. And then there is the dominating presence of the Internet that has changed the landscape of how we communicate.

That Today’s Bride keeps getting stronger – keeps growing – and has such a strong influence on the bride’s purchasing power is a result of the excellent job of your team of editors, layout and photography staff. It is always an exciting product for brides to pick up, read and get solid advice that they can rely on. And a visit to your Website is always worthwhile. We have grown together. Amandalina’s and Today’s Bride have been in lock step for the past 14 years as Amandalina’s has succeeded in becoming one of the premiere bridal boutiques in Ontario.

It is interesting to look back and know that our achievement has been in a relatively shor t time. We opened our doors in 1995 and our gowns have been showcased in Today’s Bride ever since. Of course, Amandalina’s history stems back to the days when my parents started their bridal boutique, Lina’s Boutique on Weston Rd. and Lawrence in 1969. So, in total, our family has been helping brides find their perfect gown for 40 years.

We can look back and recall those early days where Today’s Bride was a new publication and my parents were showing gowns on its fashion pages. Our family just recently celebrated our parent’s Golden Anniversary. We look forward to celebrating with your Family when you reach your next milestone: your Golden One!


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